Premium Long Distance

Premium Long Distance

Technical information




2 cab versions : Day and Sleeper.

Normal and high roof.

Three trim levels on offer:

  • Alliance: the entry level, with standard equipment - normal roof, opening side deflectors, pre-equipment for sun visor, remote door locking, wrap around bumper and stepwell coloured to match the cab, electric roof vent, cab-contour and separation curtain, manual air-conditioning, mono CD radio, 12V socket, television tray with 24V socket, parking brake buzzer.
  • Privilege: includes, in addition to the features of the Alliance package - bunk storage drawer,  raised roof with storage, adjustable deflector, sun visor, remote door locking and main cut-off switch, captain's seat for driver, telephone pre-equipment, stand-alone heater, radio remote control.
  • Excellence: includes, in addition to the features of the Privilege package - deluxe steering wheel, side fairings, MP3 radio and Bluetooth, refrigerator, xenon headlights, headlight washer, two-tone deluxe sun visor.


DXi11 Engine
10.8 litre, high-pressure injector pump electronic injection engine.
Power ratings meeting Euro 5 and EEV standards: 380, 430 or 460 hp.
Rear-mounted timing gear.
Turbo charger with 'wastegate' for 430 and 460 hp power ratings.

380 DXi

Power rating: 280 kW at 1,800 rpm.
Torque: 1,800 Nm from 950 to 1,400 rpm.

430 DXi
Power rating: 316 kW at 1,800 rpm.
Torque: 2,040 Nm from 950 to 1,400 rpm.

460 DXi
Power rating: 338 kW at 1,800 rpm.
Torque: 2 200 Nm from 950 to 1,400 rpm.

Renault Trucks has opted for the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) after treatment system to meet the Euro 5 standard. The system consists of a number of elements:

  • AdBlue tank.
  • AdBlue dosage module.
  • Catalyser into which the AdBlue is sprayed and which converts NOx into nitrogen and watersensors to ensure that the entire system is functioning properly (NOx sensor, AdBlue level, high temperature reading).

Automatic Engine Stop: this system automatically shuts down the vehicle's engine when it has been idle for more than five minutes, the parking brake is engaged, no power take-off devices are engaged and the engine is hot.
A pictogram on the display screen alerts the driver before the engine is shut down.


Seven gearboxes are available: 4 manual gearboxes and 3 automated gearboxes.
Manual gearbox with Super H pattern control: speeds 5 to 8 superposed onto speeds 1 to 4.
To move from one speed range to the other, simply press the button atop the gear lever.

The Servoshift takes up 75% of the effort.
These 8 speeds are split into 16 half speeds. A solenoid valve protects the system against gearshifting errors.
The Driving Monitoring System gives a continuous, real-time display of the gear engaged as well as of the optimal gear.
Optidriver+ automated gearbox (12 speeds) with steering column mounted control.


P 13170/2 single-reduction drive axle.

P 1361.7 double-reduction drive axle.
Available for severe applications.


Broad range of wheelbases, side member thickness reduced to maximise payload capability or reinforced to handle severe applications.


  • 4 fifth wheel heights to provide excellent adaptability to batch transport: 1,250 / 1,040 / 950 mm.


  • 13 wheelbases: from 3.7 m to 6.8 m offering very good adaptability.
  • Possibility for factory built, under-slung crossmember, for central axle trailers used for high volume applications with chassis heights of 850 mm.


APM (Air Product Management), electronic air system management.

Front and rear disc brakes throughout the range, giving the best brakes on the market, unrivalled maintenance and brake pad life of up to 350,000 km.

EBS (Electronic Braking System), electronically controlled air brake system that adjusts the brake pressure applied to each wheel to match road adherence conditions.

EBS+ :ABS, emergency braking assistance, ASR, engine brake management, hill start management, differential lock control, brake pad wear balancing system, brake failure warning message. Even braking, traction test.

Full EBS : EBS+ functions and ESP (stability control and anti-rollover control).

Optibrake (optional), combines exhaust braking integrated with the engine brake.


  • Intarder(optional) for manual gearbox, hydraulic retarder fully integrated into the gearbox.
  • VOITH(optional) for automated gearbox.

Coupling of the different braking systems : service brakes, engine brake, retarders.
The retarders may be coupled to the brake pedal.


Front mechanical suspensions
2 configurations:

  • Suspension for front load of 7.1t.
  • Suspension for front load of 8t.

The front air suspensions(optional) help maintain ride height and constant vehicle attitude.
2 configurations are offered:

  • Standard suspension.
  • Lowered suspension (high volume).

Front stabiliser bar as standard.

Rear air suspensions with height sensor control to ensure constant rolling height.
Integral, or lowered integral air suspension for high volume transport.
Rear stabiliser bar (optional).
ECS(Electronic Control Suspension) manages and controlsvehicle height and manages the third axle functions.